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Getting Rid Of Bad Breath

By Carolyn Lowman / April 4, 2019

Bad breath can really get you sick to the bones if you have it, which is why you need to know clearly if you do really have it in your mouth. This oral condition is usually caused by the bacteria that thrive between teeth, mouth walls, and most especially, by the tongue. If you are […]


Different Causes of Bad Breath

By Carolyn Lowman / March 11, 2019

Different Causes of Bad Breath It is interesting to learn that there are millions with hundred types of bacteria living in your mouth. You probably thought these bacteria are the cause why bad breath develops. But though they area easily regarded as the one doing the works to cause that shameful mouth condition, not all […]


Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

By Carolyn Lowman / February 7, 2019

Understanding Tooth Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity is the experience were the teeth hit by sudden tooth pain or discomfort while having cold and sweet foods. It is inevitable that a person should experience this because they do not have much idea why they have sensitive teeth in the first place. Tooth sensitivity may result as a […]


Bad Breath Treatment

By Carolyn Lowman / November 26, 2018

Halitosis Treatment Halitosis may be an excellent source of discomfort as well as pity, not merely for the individual affected yet additionally for the individual that is regrettable sufficient to tackle the job of informing that individual that he or she possesses foul breath. The good news is, there are actually several foul-smelling breath treatments […]