America Again! Asserts the following, with respect to the present debacle in Arizona.  An average 7th-grade homeschooler will corroborate the civics from the U.S. Constitution.

In Article III, Section 2, We the People stipulate that only the U.S. Supreme Court can originate a case involving a sovereign State. No inferior federal court has jurisdiction over states.  No administration has standing to initiate lawsuits against a state.

This is dirt simple civics.  Yet, presently we find all three branches of federal government in high rebellion against the U.S. Constitution in this matter, viz:

  1. The Obama administration’s action is lawless.  The executive branch lacks standing to bring legal action against a sovereign state.
  2. The federal 9th circuit court’s action is lawless.  No inferior federal court can hear a case against a sovereign state, for it has nojurisdiction. 
  3. The U.S. Supreme Court’s negligent inaction in this matter is lawless.  It must issue a writ of mandamus to the 9th Circuit instructing it to hand the case up and desist its lawlessness.
  4. The 81 ‘conservative’ GOP members of Congress are lawless.  In signing an amicus brief to that illicit court, they demonstrated their incompetence for office.
  5. Governor Brewer and the State of Arizona are negligent, in not pleading to the U.S. Supreme Court — the only court with original jurisdiction in this matter — to issue a mandamus.

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