The Red Roots of the GOP

I think this sea of red across America is the color of Thanksgiving…God’s brush of spiritual and intellectual renewal, painting the color of passion and liberty over cities, valleys, fields, mountains, and prairies.

A sea of red.  A red sea of hope that we’re leaving political party behind, to face this mountain ahead, together. Our Tea Party millions are only part of the much larger mass of Americans that still hope we can become what we used to be.

One of the uniquely American things on this earth is that as long as America has existed, it has meant hope to the people of the earth.  We have given thanks to God with a feast and a special family time each year at Thanksgiving, and then leading into a time of Christian joy that much more of the world celebrates at Christmas. But Thanskgiving is different; it's about our work and the fruits of our labor. It's about taking stock of what God has done for us just this past year, since last we feasted in celebration of His provident hand.