But first, we citizens must get our minds right. We should see that picture as a type of Christ, the avenging King of creation. Righteousness demands that we who follow Christ, humble ourselves and get our ducks in a row before we begin a new kind of life where we actually enforce the Supreme Law.

During my 35 years as a Christian, I’ve heard Romans 13 preached many times. It begins with the Apostle Paul’s directive about submitting to God’s ordained civil authority. The problem with the way the passage has been preached in America is that most preachers are abysmally ignorant of civics. America’s seminaries should include a course in basic civics, because puppeteers’ simplistic “render unto Caesar” is puerile and evasive. Obviously, America has never had Caesars.

Here is Romans Chapter 13, first four verses:

So. God’s simple civil anthropology is: obey the ‘governing authorities’ and you have nothing to fear. But preachers have taught for a very long time that this is a command to capitulate to evil government; “Tyranny is God’s judgment, and that’s that.” This is a backward reading of the Supreme Law of America, held up to this biblical standard.