Lost in the Woods: Nullifying Nullification

We The People have had our civics backwards, about what is good and what is evil; what is law and what is feckless force wielded by bent politicians. Government schools have done what Marx intended. Wicked politicians with smooth words and nice clothes have built magnificent estates for themselves, on our labor. Our ignorance has been costly.

So. Consider this question. In America, exactly who or what is ‘the ruling authority’ as Scripture uses that word? Well, the Constitution stipulates in Article 6, Section 2 that the Constitution itself is America’s Supreme Law forever after 1787.

Like that avenging king, our Constitution demands to be obeyed by every public servant – dog-catcher, U.S. senator or congressman, president, U.S. Supreme Court justice. Unless there is truly no more rule of law in America, all public servants must obey the ruling authority, or they should be afraid.