Fool Me Twice: The Folly of Secession

America Again! Has accomplished so much since our national rollout last Thanksgiving.  I thank God for all of you, our members who have stood with us this past year; for our Field Ops Director, Michael Frisbee; for our Field Coordinators Russ, Matt, Kevin, Chris, Kyle, Brad, Tim, Carl, and Bob.

Our mission — to restore the U.S. Constitution and popular sovereignty, forcing government down to its lawfully limited scope — has been called delusional by some.  But history proves that the gulf between ‘delusional’ and ‘visionary’ is bridged by perseverance.  And so we plow in hope.

America once offered the most blessed life and liberty available on earth.  This republic can offer this again, if We The People will enforce our rule of law.  America Again! is the plan to do this, but of course we must not expect to recover in a year what was squandered over a century.