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By Carolyn Lowman / November 3, 2015

But first, we citizens must get our minds right. We should see that picture as a type of Christ, the avenging King of creation. Righteousness demands that we who follow Christ, humble ourselves and get our ducks in a row before we begin a new kind of life where we actually enforce the Supreme Law. During my 35 years as […]


Getting a Gift

By Carolyn Lowman / September 16, 2015

About ten days from today, wherever we are in the world, we Americans will stop to observe and enjoy the day we call Thanksgiving. For over 380 years in a row, not always on the same day, we Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving. We give honor and glory and thanks to almighty God for another year […]


The Red Roots of the GOP

By Carolyn Lowman / August 5, 2015

I think this sea of red across America is the color of Thanksgiving…God’s brush of spiritual and intellectual renewal, painting the color of passion and liberty over cities, valleys, fields, mountains, and prairies. A sea of red.  A red sea of hope that we’re leaving political party behind, to face this mountain ahead, together. Our Tea Party millions are only part […]