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Grapes, Nuts, and Your Dogs Health — Foods that Fido should Avoid

By / April 28, 2019

Grapes, Nuts, and Your Dogs Health — Foods that Fido should Avoid Your dogs health is important to you. You show her how important by keeping her well fed and groomed, making sure she gets plenty of exercise and providing a collection of fun, safe toys for her entertainment. You don’t skimp on the quality […]


Know How to Cure Bad Breath

By / April 27, 2019

Know How to Cure Bad Breath Summary: How to cure bad breath is the main concern of halitosis sufferer to keep their self esteem and self confidence up. Have you experienced going to a date or dance with someone who has an offensive breath? Do you know someone with bad breath? Or, do you avoid kissing […]


Common Mouth Sores Explained

By / April 26, 2019

Common Mouth Sores Explained Have you ever experienced painful sores or lesions in the mouth? Isn’t it frustrating? You can’t eat or speak right. Worse is, they could be symptoms of a more serious infection. If ever it lasts a week or longer, it is about time that you pay a visit to your dentist […]


Vaginas and Oral Simulators

By / April 25, 2019

Vaginas and Oral Simulators Vagina is a simulator of female genitals sometimes equipped with vibrator or pomp. Oral Simulator is a sex toy imitating mouth and creating the oral sex effect. By its functional features oral simulator is similar to vagina. Nowadays sex shops sell sex toys with vibrating and sucking functions; there’re also simple […]


Clean Smell and Bad Breath Free Mouth

By / April 24, 2019

Clean Smell and Bad Breath Free Mouth Summary: To keep your mouth having clean smell and bad breath free can keep your confidence up whoever you are talking to. Every one of us wants our breaths to have sweet and fresh smell and bad breath isn’t included on the list. Bad breath is a very […]


What Causes Bad Breath? (2)

By / April 22, 2019

What Causes Bad Breath? If you are suffering from bad breath, it will have an effect on your personal life as well as your professional life. The majority of people would not come right up to you and tell you that you have bad breath; they will just gossip about you to others behind your […]


Dental Hygiene, an Ancient Practice – The History of the Toothbrush

By / April 21, 2019

Dental Hygiene, an Ancient Practice – The History of the Toothbrush One of the most asked questions by adults and children is the origin of the toothbrush. There are several schools of thought on when the real toothbrush was created, but you need to look far into the past for the first evidences of oral […]


STDs : The “Silent” Infection

By / April 20, 2019

STDs : The “Silent” Infection Let’s face it. Sex is a fact of life. But today’s increasing sexual liberation and tolerance have resulted in unconventional practices and encouraged sexual orientations that were once considered taboo to be accepted by quite a number of people. Without passing judgement to those individuals who prefer to experiment in […]


Is Your Diet Giving You Bad Breath?

By / April 19, 2019

Is Your Diet Giving You Bad Breath? More than 37 percent of the U.S. population is dieting at any given time. Some of the most popular diet programs in existence today rely on restricting or nearly eliminating the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Unfortu-nately, the high-protein, low-carb diet craze has brought with it a […]

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