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Dental Care Every Day: A Caregiver’s Guide

By Carolyn Lowman / September 7, 2015

But with faith’s paint poured out across America in ten thousand places over the past 18 months, imagination is beginning to render a different scene: “Oh, but it can be done!” This has been America’s message to the world; Thanksgiving day its sumptuous feast. We celebrate God’s providence for a year past, our faith in His continued […]


Fool Me Twice: The Folly of Secession

By Carolyn Lowman / August 10, 2015

America Again! Has accomplished so much since our national rollout last Thanksgiving.  I thank God for all of you, our members who have stood with us this past year; for our Field Ops Director, Michael Frisbee; for our Field Coordinators Russ, Matt, Kevin, Chris, Kyle, Brad, Tim, Carl, and Bob. Our mission — to restore the U.S. Constitution […]


The Red Roots of the GOP

By Carolyn Lowman / August 5, 2015

I think this sea of red across America is the color of Thanksgiving…God’s brush of spiritual and intellectual renewal, painting the color of passion and liberty over cities, valleys, fields, mountains, and prairies. A sea of red.  A red sea of hope that we’re leaving political party behind, to face this mountain ahead, together. Our Tea Party millions are only part […]


A New Tactical Plan

By Carolyn Lowman / July 4, 2015

Instead, we should celebrate Thanksgiving as our forefathers have done – each year, feasting in thanks for God’s blessings, asking for perseverance in challenges ahead. Look across the sea of red, and join me in giving thanks to the Lord as you gather with your loved ones.  Do not ask me if that sea of red is pain, or loss, or hardship.  You know […]


A Red Sea of Thanksgiving

By Carolyn Lowman / June 28, 2015

One year ago, America Again! was officially launched at this website. Our headquarters team began its official existence after about eight months of informal existence, working out of my unfinished house in Texas. A group of new-found compatriots; friends who all believe, together, that American rule of law and popular sovereignty are worth defending at […]


Do You Know What Causes Bad Breath?

By Carolyn Lowman / June 28, 2015

The attorneys general of the eleven states that filed an Islamic brief are incompetent.  In filing that brief to a court that is their constitutional inferior, they prove their incompetence. This debacle migrated from lawlessness to sheer insanity on October 4, 2010 when the inferior federal court accepted an amicusbrief signed by eleven foreign governments! America Again! Teaches our members the simple fact that the U.S. Constitution […]


Basic Dental Care – Topic Overview

By Carolyn Lowman / May 28, 2015

America Again! Asserts the following, with respect to the present debacle in Arizona.  An average 7th-grade homeschooler will corroborate the civics from the U.S. Constitution. In Article III, Section 2, We the People stipulate that only the U.S. Supreme Court can originate a case involving a sovereign State. No inferior federal court has jurisdiction over states.  No administration has standing to initiate lawsuits against a state. […]

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