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But with faith’s paint poured out across America in ten thousand places over the past 18 months, imagination is beginning to render a different scene: “Oh, but it can be done!” This has been America’s message to the world; Thanksgiving day its sumptuous feast. We celebrate God’s providence for a year past, our faith in His continued providence for the year to come.

As every other people on earth, we have our faults and foibles. Millions of us now begin to acknowledge our national sins. Now, we hope to turn the tide as each American begins to do his duty.

Fool Me Twice: The Folly of Secession

America Again! Has accomplished so much since our national rollout last Thanksgiving.  I thank God for all of you, our members who have stood with us this past year; for our Field Ops Director, Michael Frisbee; for our Field Coordinators Russ, Matt, Kevin, Chris, Kyle, Brad, Tim, Carl, and Bob.

Our mission — to restore the U.S. Constitution and popular sovereignty, forcing government down to its lawfully limited scope — has been called delusional by some.  But history proves that the gulf between ‘delusional’ and ‘visionary’ is bridged by perseverance.  And so we plow in hope.

America once offered the most blessed life and liberty available on earth.  This republic can offer this again, if We The People will enforce our rule of law.  America Again! is the plan to do this, but of course we must not expect to recover in a year what was squandered over a century.

The Red Roots of the GOP

I think this sea of red across America is the color of Thanksgiving…God’s brush of spiritual and intellectual renewal, painting the color of passion and liberty over cities, valleys, fields, mountains, and prairies.

A sea of red.  A red sea of hope that we’re leaving political party behind, to face this mountain ahead, together. Our Tea Party millions are only part of the much larger mass of Americans that still hope we can become what we used to be.

One of the uniquely American things on this earth is that as long as America has existed, it has meant hope to the people of the earth.  We have given thanks to God with a feast and a special family time each year at Thanksgiving, and then leading into a time of Christian joy that much more of the world celebrates at Christmas. But Thanskgiving is different; it's about our work and the fruits of our labor. It's about taking stock of what God has done for us just this past year, since last we feasted in celebration of His provident hand.

A New Tactical Plan

Instead, we should celebrate Thanksgiving as our forefathers have done – each year, feasting in thanks for God’s blessings, asking for perseverance in challenges ahead.

Look across the sea of red, and join me in giving thanks to the Lord as you gather with your loved ones.  Do not ask me if that sea of red is pain, or loss, or hardship.  You know it is.  But it's perseverance bound for glory, too.

An avenging king – a fitting image for the Constitution of the United States.

This is what the America Again! Indictment Engine™ is designed to achieve for We The People and our sovereign State Courts. We seek to put this image into the quailing heart of all corrupt members of Congress, so that they will not so easily fall asleep at night as they plan their next corrupt project, department, contract, agency, or boondoggle.

A Red Sea of Thanksgiving

One year ago, America Again! was officially launched at this website. Our headquarters team began its official existence after about eight months of informal existence, working out of my unfinished house in Texas. A group of new-found compatriots; friends who all believe, together, that American rule of law and popular sovereignty are worth defending at any cost. We came together – Larry, Lee, Oscar, Garfield, Earl, Jeff, and myself – to do something that would be unthinkable in any other country on earth.

It stops here, with Arizona

In America, we know that however hard things have been this year, there is always next year. We know that for centuries, “next year, in America” has been the ultimate hope for people without hope.

The prognosis is not good presently; the information suggests that America simply can't be restored from our ashes of apathy and fear; from the average American's abdication of our citizen duties to oversee our servant government.  The information suggests that too many Americans are now living on the dole, looking to government as a false god walking on earth.  Practical Marxists, who could never be self-governing again.  The information suggests: it can’t be done.

Do You Know What Causes Bad Breath?

The attorneys general of the eleven states that filed an Islamic brief are incompetent.  In filing that brief to a court that is their constitutional inferior, they prove their incompetence.

This debacle migrated from lawlessness to sheer insanity on October 4, 2010 when the inferior federal court accepted an amicusbrief signed by eleven foreign governments!

America Again! Teaches our members the simple fact that the U.S. Constitution is our Supreme Law.  We The People through our sovereign States are the parties to it; federal government is the product of it.  The People and States, therefore, have authority over all federal courts. Yet, for 150 years, we have allowed government to grow like a cancer.

Our rule of law hangs by a thread, for we are captive to “the Illegals” in Washington, D.C. (as explained in an earlier blog post, Congress is committing thousands of times more illegal activities than are committed by illegal aliens).

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Some Latin Americans in the USA speak of a day when Mexico will annex Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, and parts of Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming, to make up the ‘Nation of Aztlan’. Obviously, the Mexican people do not lack for abundant natural resources; land, timber, petroleum, silver, and other resources abound on those millions of gorgeous unpopulated acres.  The problem is, Mexico's populated areas are overseen by thieves and scoundrels, public and private, from the time that the country was still run by cannibals and Spanish conquerors.  Thus, they come here for work.

There is nothing inherently evil about workers coming to America to perform services in construction, the hospitality and food service industries, produce farming, landscaping, and many other sectors where Americans refuse to work or will not work for similar wages. Because many Americans are parasites on the federal, state, and county dole, the argument over immigration honestly boils down to too many piglets fighting for the sow's teats.

In other words, if Latin Americans threaten to overrun our sovereign states, it is because they are aided and abetted by our federal servant that created and enlarged socialist ‘entitlement' systems nowhere authorized in law.

The Tea Party arose as Americans awoke to the fact that our country is reaching a tipping point. The national debt has become so large that in in 2010 the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff declared it to be the single biggest threat to our national security. This debt is simply a symptom of the disease, it is not the disease. The national debt is generated by excessive federal spending – illegal federal spending. There you have the root of the problem: the United States Constitution explicitly limits the authority of the federal government, but We The People have failed to enforce those explicit constitutional limitations. We have been derelict in our duty as citizens.

The root of the problem is unlawful government and its seed is ignorance. It is time for each of us to take our civic duties seriously again. Who is to blame for the actions of a spoiled and disobedient child? That answer is obvious. If we mean to correct our disobedient child, then we must understand our sacred responsibilities as citizens of this great nation. Only through knowledge will we be able to root out tyranny. We can be ignorant or free, but we cannot be both. In this section, we will provide you a primer on the basic civics you will need to defend our Constitution. This is simply a primer, a jumpstart, not an exhaustive treatise. For a deeper look, we suggest you read This Bloodless Liberty, by the America Again! Founder.

This document clearly states that our freedoms and rights derive from God, and not from any law created by man. The Constitution is infused with and embodies Christian morality, it protects Man's life, liberty and creativity. Our freedoms derive from God, and restoring our liberty is a moral imperative. We believe that to find the path to freedom, your moral compass must point true North.

Basic Dental Care – Topic Overview

America Again! Asserts the following, with respect to the present debacle in Arizona.  An average 7th-grade homeschooler will corroborate the civics from the U.S. Constitution.

In Article III, Section 2, We the People stipulate that only the U.S. Supreme Court can originate a case involving a sovereign State. No inferior federal court has jurisdiction over states.  No administration has standing to initiate lawsuits against a state.

This is dirt simple civics.  Yet, presently we find all three branches of federal government in high rebellion against the U.S. Constitution in this matter, viz:

  1. The Obama administration's action is lawless.  The executive branch lacks standing to bring legal action against a sovereign state.
  2. The federal 9th circuit court's action is lawless.  No inferior federal court can hear a case against a sovereign state, for it has nojurisdiction. 
  3. The U.S. Supreme Court's negligent inaction in this matter is lawless.  It must issue a writ of mandamus to the 9th Circuit instructing it to hand the case up and desist its lawlessness.
  4. The 81 ‘conservative' GOP members of Congress are lawless.  In signing an amicus brief to that illicit court, they demonstrated their incompetence for office.
  5. Governor Brewer and the State of Arizona are negligent, in not pleading to the U.S. Supreme Court — the only court with original jurisdiction in this matter — to issue a mandamus.

Why AmericaAgain! does not accept D.C. Residents or Public Employees

We came together to attract, train, inform, and encourage our fellow Americans to begin to bring our servant government back under the limits of our Constitution. To fundamentally alter the warp and woof of American political life, that electoral WWF match that has held many generations in the thrall of futility.

Notice the sea of red, in this map, below. The Republican party claims this as a win for its side; an historic gain for the GOP…

But I see it differently.

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