A New Tactical Plan

Instead, we should celebrate Thanksgiving as our forefathers have done – each year, feasting in thanks for God’s blessings, asking for perseverance in challenges ahead.

Look across the sea of red, and join me in giving thanks to the Lord as you gather with your loved ones.  Do not ask me if that sea of red is pain, or loss, or hardship.  You know it is.  But it’s perseverance bound for glory, too.

An avenging king – a fitting image for the Constitution of the United States.

This is what the America Again! Indictment Engine™ is designed to achieve for We The People and our sovereign State Courts. We seek to put this image into the quailing heart of all corrupt members of Congress, so that they will not so easily fall asleep at night as they plan their next corrupt project, department, contract, agency, or boondoggle.